SimCity Will Continue Their Journey With BuildIt

If we are been interrupted with our journey with SimCity Social on Facebook, don’t worry because we can continue it on mobile release with SimCity BuildIt that is tend to release this fall. Actually this is not the first release made for mobile device but we can say that this the first free SimCity title for mobile. Electronic Arts already developed SimCity with their Deluxe Version.

I believe that you are with me being excited to play this game, actually we already started a website where we can get SimCity BuildIt Cheats. Of course just like what we started here, we will also continue our legacy in sharing guides, tips, free items (if ever) and updates. We are expecting that we are about to see further features and exciting content this time than from social apps. As a matter of fact, EA representative, Jason Willig already gave us clues. According to him, the number one features you are going to enjoy in this game is the real-time 3D graphics of the game that you are able to experience in most mobile apps. Yes it has a good graphics plus city-building plus you are able to download the full version of SimCity BuildIt for free.

The same with typical simulation game, you have an open-ended game to play. This will let you manage your entire city by building, customizing and empowering your city through resources to make it rich and prosperous. Even the game has an additional feature, still you are going to enjoy the same element from typical SimCity franchise.

Simcity BuildIt

As an speculation of playing mobile app, we are able to see inviting and adding friends to play the game. So we are expecting “add me” cliche with this game. Of course in-app purchase will be around for sure and this is for those who wish to gain an advantage from playing the game even without exerting too much effort from it. And for those who are not fan of spending cash, I believe that they will start finding cheats and effective guides for SimCity BuildIt that will not cost them but still they can have advantage to dominate the game. Yeah we have lots of speculation from being so excited and still one thing we can do right now and that is to wait until the release of this app.

I Need Mutants Genetic Gladiators Cheats

I tried play this game as most of my friends inviting me to try this new game from Kobojo. This is base on breeding and battle game on Facebook and maybe their reason why they want to in their game is because they can earn big compensation from successfully convincing to play Mutants Genetic Gladiators. Actually I like this genre and personally I tried to play Monster Legends with the same concept of random breeding and wishing for powerful monster to come.

In this kind of game, experimenting is very important, you need to explore and try numerous combination to get the desired monster. Of course it is not advisable to spend money just for tying out so I really want to download Mutants Genetic Gladiators cheats. I already read some guides and what I need now is execution to get those rare monsters. It is so hard to move without unlimited gold in your hand for fastening every action like breeding/mutating.

Mutants Genetic Gladiators

I also use internet in researching a trainer tool and most of them are damage hack that I don’t need. I’m not here to play like a kid, finishing the game and be happy. This is a game that is not about finishing it, it is exploring the real beauty of trying your luck against the other. Thus even I have infinite gold, I will not use this to purchase premium mutants.

Don’t worry if you care about me, and you don’t want me to fall for a trap and get rid my account once Kobojo detected my activity. Well there is no problem on that, I just want to do experimentation and I will not confirm that as a progress. Still I play different game using other Facebook account and apply all that I learned in the scenes where I use to cheat it. Also all my research and result we be posted here as follow up reviews and let other players also got the idea as I need also their help so together we can work it more faster and enjoying.

When Buying @ Ticket Network, Always Check Their Promo

This is the trick I learned upon purchasing not only ticket but also different stuff on the internet. Since more of them are available for promotional price, meaning to say you can get compensation from buying them either it is discounted or you can get freebies the important is you should check if there is available promotion.

I will use TicketNetwork because this is the website I know that offers Promotional Price especially for Boxing event most often. Because boxing tickets are also expensive and tough to sell, they are using different promo to attract buyers to make a deal with them. Of course they are legitimate seller online, they can’t say any trash talk about their product any words that will only glitter their products. They are direct to the point and not give you any confuse on your products.

Now we are here searching for the promo code, did you know that you can directly visit www.TicketNetwokPromo.com to avail all promotional items that are availability on Ticket Network? Yes, what you should do is to find a products you wish to buy and if that is available on discounted sort, you can see this on your list and buy it in just a click of a button. And the good thing is this, if you found that your desired product to purchase is not available on their list, you can contact them and they will be the one to figure out this for you on where you can buy affordable tickets then. They have lots of sources not only TN but also other companies that gives affiliate compensation by driving clients/buyers to them.

SimCity Social Totally Shutdown. Here’s What To Do Now

Don’t worry if you are one of million players of SimCity Social if you need to say good bye on this game forever because these year Electronic Arts, the best gaming company in the world launched and will release new game to play not only for Facebook but also for different gaming platform such as PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Xbox360, Playstation 3 and lot more. That is the reason why they remove this game so they focus on other platform not only for Facebook. Being the top gaming company, EA recently release Plants vs Zombies Adventures so players who love social games can continue playing and spending cash for premium items.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

After weeks of this release, they also announced that the most awaited sequel of Plants vs Zombies is schedule to launch for iOS gadget on July 17, 2013 and not just one, they make another version of PvZ with the title of Garden Warfare for PC, Playstation and Xbox360 this is proving that they are still the best company for your gaming needs and even there game deletion happened on Facebook, they believe that this is the best decision so they can still raise the leverage of video games.

With this new game from EA, you can now continue play their new games and spending cash. They are giving you the opportunity to move on and to realize that there are lots of better games they can provide just for you. So move on just like me, who are now enjoying PvZ Adventures on Facebook while also earning money from working on United Gold Direct so I can buy premium items for EA. Come and join us playing Plants vs Zombies, don’t worry, this game is still a 1 month old and we have lots of things to do before they will shutdown this next year (we will never know) so they remove this game from Facebook, make sure you spent lots of money so it will help them develop new high edge game. Thanks for your biggest support on EA, still the best gaming developer in the world.

At last, SimCity 3.0 Patch Will Fix Bugs and Brings Improvements

We received negative comments about EA/Playfish because of their decision of removing SimCity Social, The Sims Social and other games in Facebook under their trademark. But aside from that what really annoying issues is recently released sequel of SimCity and its 2nd major patch that still vulnerable from bugs. With this issue, EA branded as worst company in America and got booed from their players leaving even the upcoming release of one of their greatest game, Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time underrated.

SimCity Bugs

According in different forums and consumer’s feedback they will never play any of EA games and even the popular sequel of Sims, Sims 4 that is tend to release in the future based on the official release from EA, they will still not to get with it. Anyway this news maybe can change their mind.

Electronic Arts announced for the release of  patch SimCity 3.0 that fixed major bugs and give players new improvements. This update give fixes on the following:

*The logic on u-turns that required stops and the option to turn right on red.

*There is an improvement for employers in their start times and travel to comply with open jobs elsewhere.

*With 3.0 update, pollution is now easier to handle because there will be a rotation for air and ground pollution

*Traffic has also a rotation from trains and streetcars and there is an upgrade for efficient managing of traffics

There are lots of fixes as what this 3.0 update promises but we will cut the list here unless it is officially implemented for all SimCity downloads. Expect this patch this week and let see if there will be no more bugs at all.

Sims 4 Will Make Its Way To Your PC and Mac

We all know that you are excited for the release of Sims 4 as how you support our very own SimCity 2013. We believe that you feel sorry for what happened on your account on Facebook, but what we can say is that learn how to move on. We have lots of games for you newest and more fun than any other Facebook games. Aside from that PopCap will release two of their games that you can play either for free on Facebook game or on PC. Recently Popcap also announce the release of Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time on July 2013 and to make it double treat for you just announce here the release of Sims 4.

Sims 4

“The Sims franchise is fueled by the passion and creativity of its millions of fans around the world. Their continued devotion to the franchise ignites the fire of creativity of the team at The Sims Studio, driving them to continually improve and innovate on one of the world’s most successful simulation game that has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.” – Electronic Arts

 Sims 4 is scheduled to release on 2014, yes a long but still we can hope that there is new game from EA that we can play next year. For now, just play SimCity or Popcap games don’t forget that we will give extra push for those who play our games on Facebook. For your comment of support please drop it below we want to hear how you love us and how excited you are for this game.



Cannot Remove PopCap Advertisement

Even the game has been announced to close on June 14, 2013 still there are lots of users playing and enjoy the free diamonds. This is like debugging the game and perform all your dreams before now. Do whatever you like buy and sell and try new decoration what ever because you have thousands of diamonds you can use to boost and speed up diamond vaults to go for another diamonds and repeat it. We don’t know if this is a glitch or intentionally made for those who spend Diamond while ago. We are happy to know that but the hate on EA still on my nerves especially after experiencing this annoying PopCap pop up which happened that I can’t close to play the game.

Pop UP

 Is there anyone here who also experienced the same problem? I hope you can share some guides to fix this problems else I quit the game now, leave all this free Diamonds and play new game. But if we can still solve this problem the better, because I still love SimCity Social no matter what. Only I hate EA but not of their games so still I will play Facebook games under the same company name. Just to think that almost 70% decent games today is under the trademark on EA as they are trying to monopolize all games in different platform. If you think that EA are getting weak in now in this industry well you go it wrong. The reason why EA close Facebook games is to open a new profit opportunity on developing Mobile Games.




We Are Giving Free Diamonds Here, Please Come Back To Us – EA

That is not what really EA/Playfish said to their players but only a dubbed from us as what really happened in gaming scheme of SimCity Social. I don’t know if we will be happy on what’s going in Diamond glitch or freebies whatever they call it, but one thing that is true, there are lots of Diamonds anywhere and they are dominating the game, buying anything they want and they are testing everything that seems just a dream before. I think that is unfair for us who spend money for that Diamonds and now we can get it for free anyway who cares, the game will be closed soon. Yes it will be closed but we are also considering that there will be freebies to those who continue playing it to the end under the game from Popcap.

That’s it the game is no longer available on June 14, 2013 but what happened on Earth that they are giving us Diamonds, it is like saying that we are pleasing us to play their games. What do you think about it? Will you spend another patience and support their new upcoming games?


Anyway we still don’t know if that is really a free Diamonds shower or just a glitch in game. We are tying to think that they are not updating the game anymore, so expect that there are lots of bugs (actually even the game the made an update still on bug just try to look on their PC version that until now players have problem playing it.) So they called it Diamond Glitch so how many diamonds do you have now?

Because of that incident many of us said that they will not play any EA games anymore, well next month there will be a new games from  them will you ever think to play it, I believe you can’t resist this game to play, Plants vs Zombies 2.

SimCity Social is not yet closed and still lots of Free Diamonds Here. So Play it till the end

 That is correct, for those who want to still enjoy this game to the fullest they can still log in in their Facebook account and play this game until June 14, 2013. Actually many players enjoyed this game today than before because we shared lots of free diamonds here that let them purchase their own Diamond Vault, and repeat the glitch or discount here all over again and again until they flourished their cities with premium items.

We believe that even there are lots of you unsatisfied left the game but still we are doing our best to continue your journey as a gamers as a matter of fact, EA/Playfish will not stop developing games but to nurture for other console. Facebook is great source of players from viral, social gamers and users but since the game registered as free but paying on Facebook this will give a little problem for the developers and publishers. Yes, we mentioned that they are still on their career giving us games on Mobile gaming. Like Zynga they want to lift the leverage into new console. So instead of using this entire 2013 here in Facebook they want also to go with the flow and that is by means of developing games on handheld devices.

Don’t worry to those who spent cash for Diamonds as well as efforts you can still have a compensation only to a new developer. PopCap. Don’t get me wrong because this early summer, they will release two new games with the title of Plants vs Zombies Adventures and Plants vs Zombies 2. I know that you waited for this so long so don’t waste the opportunity, play SimCity Social to the end, get your Free Diamonds here, and make the advantage on playing Plants vs Zombies Adventures on Facebook

SimCity Social

Don’t close your heart from Playing Facebook Games. Please take it as a note that EA/Playfish is different from Zynga, Playdom, Playrix, Gaiaonline, Woonga and especially PopCap. There are still lots of great Facebook games developers and publishers we have do don’t say that you will never play social games again, just leave Electronic Arts but still support new games especially PvZ Adventures and PvZ 2

What To Do With Free Diamonds If SimCity Social Will Be Closed On June

That is what what players said to us everytime we share free diamonds and even discount for diamond vaults. Maybe the fact is they are not interesting in this game at all after what happened on this game. Previously we saw more links giving free diamonds and also cut off or discount from buying Diamond Vault. This vault can give you endless diamonds which we don’t know if this is glitch or that is the way how EA want to treat us a cool freebies before everything last.

Diamond Vaults

But in return instead of putting smile in their lips with this Free Diamonds they feel that they are only insulting since they spent hundreds of bucks for this game hoping that when the time comes they can make a stable profit from generating diamonds everyday, but now diamonds can get as free and even more dominate by getting in a glitch-like vault in game.

On the other hand just to give us another jumpstart to share more diamonds for free and guides to get it for free or to have this limitless  we still see some player who are interesting to play the game to the end. They are still looking for friends and still claiming our freebies.

Free Diamonds

Though this is the end for SimCity Social, still not the end of the world and when the door for this game close there will be more doors to open for Facebook games but the question is, are you still interested to play and spend cash for this? EA also announced that they are giving freebies to forward for PopCap though I’m not happy knowing that disregarding how bucks we spent for this game but knowing that Plants vs Zombies 2: Adventures is tend to release on Facebook, I want to get that compensation in playing SimCity Social.

So I will not give up playing SimCity Social til the end too like other loyal players. We still share freebies, guides and cheats to get more Diamonds and the fact because of unlimited Diamonds it is like I enjoy this game this time than ever. Free Diamonds = Big Cities in the end I’m hoping for great freebies for PopCap games especially for Plants vs Zombies 2: Adventures.