Collect Diamonds Daily With Diamond Vault

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Now this is really great for every one playing SimCity Social. The game is finally giving every virtual mayor in the game to have a steady supply of those precious Diamonds (the games’ official shop currency) for a lifetime. The game which is currently doing their current themed event for the Halloween has added  two premium items which is relatively expensive but will surely benefit any player in the long run, these items a like a long term investment for anyone who is really into the game.

Virtual mayors are now enticed to save up their Diamonds and spend it on two types of factories that will generate 10 Diamonds a day (max) for the Small Diamond Vault (2×2) @ 180 Diamonds at the shop, and the Large Diamond Vault (3×3) which could generate 15 Diamonds a day (max) and would fetch 360 Diamonds or around $50. Although the vaults generate a random numbers of Diamonds a day (between 1-15), this guarantees that anyone having these vaults would not have a day “Diamond-less”. Anyone can only buy “one “of each two vaults.

Diamond Vault on simCity Social

But taking consideration that it would take $50 out from your pockets for the Large Vault and around $30 for the small one. Still having a steady supply of Diamonds every day (numbers at random though) would be beneficial for you in the long run since you don’t have to spend anymore buck just to buy Diamonds in the game, all you have to do is patiently save all those generated Diamonds by your vaults and spend it on items that you are saving it up for, now isn’t that a great deal? But be warned though, the diamond vaults offer is up on to a limited time only so better decide now and have your chance to get free Diamonds every time you log-on into the game every day.

Do you find this deal a great offer? Have you purchased your diamond vault already? Please do tell us about it. Feel free to leave your comments or thoughts at the comment section and by the way don’t forget to stay tune with us as we help you through the current themed quests with our random tokens for the quests. Have fun and enjoy the game.

17 Responses to “Collect Diamonds Daily With Diamond Vault”

  1. Lano says:

    It’s a trap !

  2. LAARA says:

    cant get

  3. Anonymous says:

    it’s evil… lol

    • Erza says:

      I wil buy it , as Ive got any bucks on me. Because at the moment, I just have an suinicfeftly money that will enough on my daily expenses, thanks for sharing though.Robert Alan recently posted..

  4. trick-or-treat says:

    HA! no :3 sounds interesting..but..NO (:

  5. Anonymous says:

    interesting, but i cannot get it :( ,would you mind send me one .

  6. its a trap ... says:

    Q: Are the Diamond Vaults going to be available permanently or are they only available for a limited time?

    A: Diamond Vaults are here to stay! These will be available permanently.

    from official site . Nope not limited time

  7. Rose says:

    I purchased the silver one and I got a congratulations message from the city workers in the game 3 times giving me a city landmark, simolians, and diamonds. I believe they gave me a total of 40 diamonds through the 3 messages. I don’t know if this will happen for everyone, but it was a nice bonus to get some of the diamonds I had just spent back.

  8. Siraj Balfas says:

    I can’t get it cause i live in Indonesia so, i don’t have any Dollars. That’s why i don’t know what to do and just…….

    GIVE UP!


  9. Siraj Balfas says:



  10. DjC says:

    Hey you guys need to provide alternate means to pay for your wares. That poor person in Indonesia may be the best mayor and they will never get to show us because they are unable to continue.

  11. Dr. Zoidberg says:

    $30? Real life money? P.T. Barnum was right, there’s a sucker born every minute. I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for that. MAYBE $10. But $30? Please.

    • Rose says:

      You don’t have to spend real money (at least not in the u.s.) I filled out free offers, took surveys, signed up for a few services that I would actually use, all of which earned me diamonds. I save them and don’t waste them on non timed quests. I used most I had saved up for this, but as I see it, it is a guaranteed way of saving at least 1 diamond a day without having to do all the surveys and stuff.

  12. pro's says:

    Is that vault same as university student??…I mean we must collect it in time??..or what??..

  13. Jimy says:

    I have this Diamond Vault from 27.10.12 and i have earn every 24h only 1 diamond (2* upgrade). It is not correct!!!!

  14. clubbi says:

    buy the small vault. upgrade it to 3stars. save diamonds until you can buy the big vault ;-)

  15. Jonathan says:

    what a waste of time and money!

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