New Rate for The National Library – Now It Is Easy To Have It!

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The National Library (November 9, 2012)Previously in the game, it would fetch 2M of Simoleons and half a million of Materials for anyone who liked to decorate their cities with the majestic National Library Landmark. The item was previously added into the shop[ list along with the Word Hard / University themed quest arch, primarily the item can boost up population at 415 Population with 5 area of effect radius. Now with the current update for some unexpected move from Playfish (is this a gesture of gratitude to players? Or merely slashing down the item price tag for it was really expensive back then) they decide to deflate the 2m tag to 600k Simoleons and from the previous 500 k Materials it is now at 150 K and with a little boost on its population buff from the previous +415 it was rounded to + 435, yeah a really best buy at the moment!

But sadly though, for those who have bought the item before the price roll back, the resources which they have paid over the present price will no longer be refunded but still it is nice to know that the guys behind SCS have reevaluated the item price’ which was really expensive previously.

So it’s really ice to learn that the game is actually and constantly reevaluating stuff from here on and then, it is also comforting that at some point they tend to realize that most of the things being implemented in the game are at some way or another are not really making players happy every time they play the game. For us virtual mayors, this is a good sign that the game is not really pressing us for profits they are also considering our happiness when we play the game. With this present rolling back of item price, we also hope that the game would also make some major changes about expanding land area, resources caps, energy caps and perhaps some extra free Diamonds on the side will not hurt bad as well, just a thought but who know’s in the days to come SCS would finally do it.

5 Responses to “New Rate for The National Library – Now It Is Easy To Have It!”

  1. Alberto says:

    Y que tal si fuese traducido a un de las lenguas mas importantes del planeta.EN ESPAÑOL,POR FAVOR,EN ESPAÑOL!!!

  2. Vincent says:

    Actually the original price and materials needed are quite cheap for me… :p

    i currently have 8 millions Simoleons and 1 million materials…

  3. SIMCITY says:

    Alberto GOOGLE TRANSLATE o bienvenido a internet

  4. Heber Lima says:

    I bought last week, really worth it.

  5. enjuuk bt says:

    add me

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