PlayFish Says’ Sorry About Your Diamonds

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Folks are having some problems in their purchased diamonds lately in “SimCity Social”, players recently are having some problems in receiving their diamonds credited to them in the game. Most of this poor players really took it to the management demanding some answer to what made the delays, and with due respect to its loyal patrons, SimCity addressed the complaints by releasing an official statement explaining the delay and reassuring every complaining player that the said purchased Diamonds will reach them in due time. Although admittedly that the delay was somehow caused by some technical glitches in the game which PlayFish earnestly resolved the issue.

PlayFish on their statement; “We are aware the some players are currently experiencing longer than normal delay in their in game cash showing in their game after the purchase. Rest assured that this is just a delay in the delivery which the team is working on resolving. All in game cash purchased will show up in your game.”

SimCity Social DiamondsNone is yet known to what have might have caused the delay but it has been resolved. The said delays ranges from 15 minutes to almost half a day to some players who have just bought some in game cash for their game, due to the delays folks who have waited their Diamonds was a bit worried that they might have be scammed or sort maybe because in the previous days some players also received notices from allegedly the developers who promised free Diamonds to the recipients but none of these Diamonds ever reached their supposed beneficiaries, PlayFish have not yet published any statement about the issue although their name was also being used in the supposed notices.

Playfish DiamondsAlthough it was a bit wary days previously especially for those who have bought a considerable amount of SimCity Social Diamonds who anxiously waited for hours to receive their purchased in-game cash, could now at least breathe in relief after the issue has been addressed in time by PlayFish. We are also glad the folks behind SimCity Social responded in time before things get a little worrisome than supposed to.

15 Responses to “PlayFish Says’ Sorry About Your Diamonds”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have never bought diamonds but three separate times I’ve bought buildings/upgrades with diamonds and the game immediately crashes. I’m out a reasonable Ammount of diamonds and ea leaves nobody to complain to and their technical support is atrocious. So GOODLUCK getting your stuff. And ea thanks for never responding to a loyal player I appreciate your concern, this is why I refuse to buy anymore of your ps3 and Xbox titles. Shape up

  2. Anonymous says:

    some months ago i had a diamonds-problem too.. i lost like 10 diamonds in a building upgrade.. the customer service was AWFUL.. and of course i never got my diamonds back.. 10 diamonds might not sound like a big deal..but those diamonds was gained with real money.. so yeah.. i’ll never spend a dollar on this brand, again (:

  3. Trudy says:

    I haven’t been able to open the link to buy diamonds anyway. Been waiting on a answer for about a week… no response, tech support is useless. I’ll take my money elsewhere. Sounds like I would have got ripped off anyway.

  4. Bryan says:

    I bought from Stamps.com on the game to get 84 diamonds but never got them. NO reponse from either EA or Stamps.com after multiple attempts. Glad someone can get something fixed.

  5. mike says:

    I have never spent real money on these games, and never will!

  6. SIMCITY says:

    I had this problem, ended a level wanted to get the space station cheap, bought the diamonds and they did not come for a day so i could not get the item discounted, diamonds did arrive but way to late. was not happy!

  7. Chris says:

    I recently purchased net flix to get 225 free diamonds how ever i only recieved 140 but whatever so i bought the +60 energy whitch cost me 40 Diamonds. i never recieved my energy but it took 40 of my precious diamonds would like my energy if possible :)

  8. John says:

    i think for this little mishap Playfish should be giving people 200 free diamonds.. cause I went to earn some diamonds and signed up for a few things never got them.. so i assumed i did it wrong and cancelled whatever it was that i did… i think fair compensation is in order!!

  9. Greg says:

    I’ve spent at least 40 dollars on diamonds over the course of the game, a few times I had to wait several hours, but you can be sure the transaction immediately posted on my credit card.

  10. Erwin says:

    Hi Im just new here in SIM City Social at about only 2 months playing and reached 61K pop with 44 in level. I found the game very interesting among the games in FB. At first, despite of not believing using a CC/Debit card in online purchasing I decided to try usingf it and buying DIAMONDS is actually the first time. I purchase the diamonds but I didn’t get and I tried again as I thought I made a mistake but it the same happened didn’t get through. After a while I had an SMS from my bank that what I used buuying the diamonds was actually taken the amount. I need to go the bank and check and I found-out that it was deducted.. What do you think? is it fair for me not getting what it was taken… eventhough what happen I will continue playing the game as it was interesting since I live in metropolitan city which is Dubai, I found the SIM city social is realted to my city at the moment. I hope you can create a attraction like Burj Al Arab (similar to Oasis Tower) and Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world-at the moment. I hope you can do something for me giving my DIAMONDS… and I will be very happy for that… thank you!

  11. Anon says:

    It especially sucks when you’re offered a deal on something when levelling up, and then pay for diamonds, to only lose the deal. And FYI, the second sentence of the third paragraph up there was incredibly hard to read. The author may want to invest in the usage of commas, and also concentrate on breaking things up into separate sentences. It’s barely coherent the way this was written. Do work.

  12. William says:

    The game is rigged so that you have to buy diamonds to get what you want or haven’t you realized that yet? For instance when you need to recruit help to staff an attraction you bombard your Simcity Social friends list every day and nothing happens, right? I check back every now and then to hear you people cry and complain but does ANYONE actually get any satisfactory response from EA. Get a life and move on.

  13. brian says:

    ok now im just pissed,i bought your stupid diamonds,i was excited to finish the alien mission,upgraded launch pad,was trying to finish my robot factory…ran out of materials,so i bought 30,000 materials for 21 diamond-upgraded the robot factory-got the mission completed and boom-simcity needs to refresh.So it loads up-the materials are gone-the factory is still not finished and it kept my diamonds…….4 times,so im out 84 diamonds and cant finish the mission,what kind of scam are you pulling???????i want reimbursment!!!people..im thinking this is a scam now to take money…you have been warned!

  14. Josh says:

    Same here…Spent 30 diamonds on materials. Got em. Used em. Game Refreshed. Gone…Materials and diamonds. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Greg says:

    This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I’m very very upset.

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