SimCity Social 280% Water Front Bonus Guide

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There’s a little trick we just recently discovered in “SimCity Social” although this may not sound very new, it this greatly help you in the game by gaining more resources by exploiting the water front bonus of very factory palced in the water front area. Hence waterfronts provides extra bonuses to materials (for factories) and population (for residential units), there are spots in the map that these bonus is multiplied  and the highest so far that we have discovered in at the top left of the city which is easier to reach, and (hold breathe) give actually give a 280% water front bonus! Now think of how much cold you milk from this spot using the milking method for greater production of materials.

For a better view of the location, please study the picture below which is a screen of the exact spot which are referring to. But do take note guys that you must have two “opened” plots of land to attain the 280% bonus, if you take a closer look at this part you would also realized that the map offers possible spot which could be milked with their water front bonuses and to take the maximum effect of these spot we do encourage that your factory must be at the peak star level of the unit so that you could gain as much materials in every time you “farm” for materials in the game. Another 280% is also located at the right side of the main island which gives out another 280% bonus for a 4×4 factory, better a note to it when you open up another plot of land in the map in the near future.

SimCity Social 280% Water Bonus Guide

It is wise to plan ahead whenever you expand your land are in the game, and when you do please consider the spots that will give some extras in return.

For your comments and suggestion, feel free to write them at the comment section and let us know about what you have in mind.

17 Responses to “SimCity Social 280% Water Front Bonus Guide”

  1. Red says:

    Where is the 2nd open plot supposed to be?

  2. AnoN says:

    The most you can get in that exact spot is 230% with a 3×3 factory… am I missing something? because I dont have any 4×4 factories :(

  3. Tom says:

    In English please…

  4. Jane says:

    I put my soda bottling factory there and I only get 210%

  5. brownie says:

    give it plz

  6. Cassie says:

    Not everyone can build a Giant Robot Factory at any point, stupid. The most of all factories in the game are 3×3 instead of 4×4, and that gets you 230% at best. There are two locations which do that, both are sharp riverbanks.

  7. sarena says:

    It’s where the giraffes were. I’ve been using it for ages!

  8. Brian says:

    it’s only good for the ferris wheel…the robot is a 4×4 factory so it doesn’t get close enough to the waters edge…every other factory gives 230% in those spot

  9. Norma says:

    230%, is exactly…

  10. Norma says:

    the factories are 3×3 the more percent is 230%,near the water….280% is wrong..

  11. Anonymous says:

    i gat that one sense a start it playing the lol:)

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