SimCity Social Beginner’s Guide

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After we published free SimCity Social Ebook we realized that not all players can understand that guide although we started explaining in the game that you need to have more understanding of the game’s twists and turns. So how about those player who just started playing the game? What we can recommend to them on how they can play the game more effectively? What is the basic concept of the game? How can we apply these techniques already released in this website? Now this is your chance to start your journey of dominating SimCity Social.

SimCity Social Beginner's Guide

First you must have lots of friends actively playing the game, adding them is totally easy you need only to write a comment here telling that you are also playing the game and they can ask (you) some favor in return if you are already neighbors. With your friends you can hire them as your staff instead of buying it using  your diamonds. Not only they could be hired as staff but also some of the quest items can be made available by asking it from them like land permits which is very important in game. Also from your neighbors you can have 3 energy points, 2 fame, 1000 Simoleons in every first visit in their cities. In addition you can also ask them for required quest items for you to build, upgrade and extend your city area. In a simple equation if you have 1000 neighbors that is equivalent to a whooping 1 million Simoleons.

That is how we can dominate the game with the help of friends and or neighbors but when it comes in using your in-game assets to generate more Simoleons. You can read our tricks here on how you can maximize the generation of your resources using businesses. With this you can have more Simoleons that you need to extend your land area plus  with your friends help whom you could ask for  required items (land permits) we you need some. Now you can start your quest but let’s do the first things first. So what is the most important quest that you should put in the top of your list that you can benefit a lot?

We recommend that you finish first the UFO Crash Site Quest, We admit that this is not easy but if you focus all your extra diamonds and perform the guide above it can guarantee you a jaw dropping 10,000+ population from The Arcology building unit (280 populaion in 5 radius). Although there are lots of quest to choose from but still this is the best to put into priority.

Now you have a good source of population and a good foundation of friends the next thing to do is to balance your income in terms of Simeons and Materials. It is good to know how you can manage to have both since it is not good to focus on one thing for your city as what many player are mistakenly doing.  They are focused on building house so it can boost their population, so what is the point of having a big population under big city if you don’t have proper incomce aside from buying Simoleons and Materials using Dimaonds or Cash. We don’t like that kind of gameplay since that is not totally applicable to all. So we highly recommend to build a city that will generate a balance harmony.

And lastly,for all beginners is to be updated with every up & downs of the game by simply visiting forums, fan pages, or websites like us that is especially made for this. Since the game is dynamically updating, as a player you should do  the same, so don’t forget to like this page on Facebook so you can get SimCity Social tips. You can check us from time to time and know if there are new freebies available for every players . Aside from that this website also features active players who manage to have a place in the top tier building of the game, this will also be your chance to ask them what are their secrets and what their strategies to in earning the top spots of the game.

Remember that every top players once started out as a newbie, who knows later on it could be you!

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