SimCity Social Medieval Update *Leaked

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Although this is not yet official, we are seemingly excited to learn that “SimCity Social” is about to release one themed event in the coming days. From the looks of this little picture circulation in and about community forums of the game, we are certain the folks in EA and Playfish are currently cooking something exciting for the game. While it is true that the current even in the game is way far from over, especially when they added 800 free diamonds for those guys who just reach 50,000 medal points of the current Olympic theme event that will last more or less 17 days as of writing.

SimCity Social Medieval

We are still not certain also as of how many Medieval themed structures will be gracing our cities in the coming days, but knowing that it will be available later on is more than enough to keep us on high spirits and excitement especially if you are an avid, hard core, real deal player of SimCity Social.

The picture of what seemed to be a “Tavern” is anticipated to be released by the developers (hopefully soon) in the (ehem) next coming days, and who know it may coincide with the current event or after the Olympic themed hurrah ends. We still don’t have any ideas yet on how much this structures will fetch but rest assured we will be giving you all the details of which the soonest they are available or the soonest EA and Playfish would readily talked about it soon, either way we still have to hear more from them.

But for now the only thing we could is to wait and see about the incoming event and at the same time enjoy the current on “running” as we vie also to earn ourselves 800 Diamonds for free within the once in a while (and who knows when it will be offered again) bonanza.
By the way folks let me remind that we are more than happy to hear from you too, so if you have some questions in mind about the game. Feel free to tell us about it and we will do our best to answers those “SimCity Social” related issues. Game on and Enjoy!

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  1. Jayasri says:

    I agree with Brenda, and F.Z., it was about a week I had trouble with MT. When I went to a dscussiion board to ask, I saw many, many complaints, and there was even a dscussiion board done by I’m not sure, maybe the devs, or those who work for BB, and they were verbally bashing those of us who asked about what the problem was with the game! These people were cutting EVERYONE down who complained!!! I personally dont think this is very good customer relationships! I have never seen this with Zynga, Playdom, or any other game sites. I still play MT because I like it, but personally I am ready to quit because ANYONE who dosen’t agree with the dscussiion board specalists get verbally blasted! I am very very upset with this!

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