SimCity Social: New Upcoming Updates

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It seems more great things are steadily coming up in “SimCity Social” with current sushi themed quest in all virtual cities in the game at the moment everyone are on their toes to finish very part of the sushi arch quest to ultimately earn the final reward for the game. And as of writing, the game has also updated some factors in the game so mayors will experience the game to load faster at the moment and of course minus some annoying bugs that has been resolved after the current update of the game. Not only that! Along with the recent update “SimCity Social” has also incorporated some add-on (although very limited) into the game every SimCity mayor earn some awesome rare items for their virtual cites. These very rare and rare items are currently showcased as prizes in the “UFO Mystery Gifts” luck game.  Luck game? Because you will need more of (and Diamonds too) it to earn those items which drops at very low percentage of success but earning these items will greatly help your city on your population and resources generation.

New Upcoming Updates of SimCity SocialGiven with these current updates of the game, more surprises are yet to be released in the coming days. Just like the unreleased “Medieval Buildings” which have taken quite some buzz in the game’s various community forums another supposed new themed items is being pushed into the community. The alleged snap shot of a University building (or sort) has been seen over the game’s community forums. EA nor Playfish ,has not yet given any official announcement or campaign for the snap shot given shared in SimCity Social communities, but we believe that any time soon the game will gradually release these supposed new addition of collectibles for the game. And to take from the collated reaction of the communities rooting for the game, everyone is obviously excited about the anticipated upcoming release of these items.

Tell us what’s on your mind about the snap shot of the upcoming item. If you were to choose what themed items you wish to see in the coming days for the game, tell us about it.

35 Responses to “SimCity Social: New Upcoming Updates”

  1. Anonymous says:

    would love to see and airport that you can upgrade

  2. Anonymous says:

    do an arcade building

  3. guy says:

    Love the game but about to give up ! What town planner has a limit on how much he can have in the bank. ( collectables } and… when you need one collectable your town will throw anything but the required item.pity it isnt a fair level playing arena. pity…..

    • Giftful emptyness says:

      Yes I agree, since you will need,say, 5 Harmony’s and you go to all of your friends pages and start clicking away….in my case you will end up with 7 Trusts and 6 Teamworks and no Harmony…whats up with that???…why doesn’t the program see what you need and give you that??? It takes forever to upgrade your property when you have a game that rarely gifts you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    how about a dmv or a university or an airport or high, elementary and middle school or a mall and we should be able to upgrade them all please

  5. oyhie says:

    ..I suggest for pier or fish ports.. airports!!and more disaster please!!!like tornado!!earthquake, etc..please!!

  6. Anon says:

    I would care less about themes and care more about things that need to be fixed to make the game more enjoyable. Things that need changing:

    1. Less emphasis population. At this point, if you want your city to look nice, you have to ditch population. If you want to be able to expand everywhere, you have to ditch aesthetics. Players shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

    2. Daily rewards just got so much cheaper. Before, they were materials, money, energy, diamonds, and no collectibles. Now, the collectibles appear more often than the other rewards and clog up any potential goodies you can get.

    3. Expansion costs rise too dramatically later on. Having to pay millions for an expansion is crazy. Furthermore, the population requirements for them is crazy, too. These costs and requirements need to be toned down lots.

    4. Fame cost items promote too much selling out your buddy list for people you don’t know just so you can grab fame for items. This needs to be toned down.

    5. No-pollution upgrades should be separate for factories. All factories should have this upgrade in addition to the +50% upgrade.

    My two cents.

  7. David says:

    As one member states i’d like to see schools. University’s, High Schools, etc.. Additionally, i’d like to see like a Marina, with boats or a port where you can bring in additional resources. One bothersome note is that the factories produce resources very slowly, and we should be able to obtain additional resources as we need it. With a cost of course. Bug fix, could you please fix the lag in the game whenever an emergency occurs. Thank you so much, and i LOVE your Game!!!!

  8. Vince says:

    I would also want to have ship ports and ships on water for a better view and activity, aside from the train sim city players can earn collectibles and materials from it. thanks

  9. rosa says:

    you need boats in the water boring me . also need some irish stuff

  10. Cecille says:

    lovely!!! can’t wait

  11. Anonymous says:

    a new tipe of road

  12. Suresh says:

    boats .. marinas .. schools … airports .. and military installations .. navy ..army … airports should also have an airforce branch .. a news building ( which gives news updates in your city ) … and a loading dock for ships which will provide materials .. and the most pressing issue .. wat happens when u run out of building space .. is their room for expansion .. or are u limited to the space given ? how about a racetrack ..we’ve got horse stables an no where to race them … um that’s it for now

  13. kev says:

    an airport then when you click on it you can fly to your friends cities and a multi story car park when you click on it you recieve features for underground racing or dance scene

  14. Jack says:

    I agree with most of the points above with schools, airports, but also I’d like to see a normal mall (not a rare luxury item) and a beach, that you can place along the river’s edge, it would be a nice colorful add-on, the beach volleyball building is unfortunately not the same.

  15. lan629 says:

    great news! sooo excited already. Please make it quick…pretty please… more power to you guys.

  16. Trevor says:

    Upgrading most businesses and factories is completley pointless as well. By the time you spend the amount of money and or materials needed to upgrade the building the pay off is not worth it at all. It costs 14 energy and 21,000 materials to give the Luxury Factory a 20% output of materials. It makes 694 starting so a 20% increase would be 138.8 materials more. To make the materials back that I spent to upgarde would take 151.2 times of collecting to break even… 151.2 times when I can only collect from it once every 16 hours… It would take me 100.8 days if I collected it on the dot every 16 hours… Obviously I am not going to do that. This game has serious ballancing issues. I would like these to be corrected asap. And as far as factories and business go, its better to build the cheapest things possible. Build the farms and convinence stores for money and for materials, well just kinda screwed.

    • Meeta says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The same goes for expansions, as mentioned above, they simply cost too much too fast. The amount of materials you are able to collect during the day, even from 3-star and waterfront bonus, is just not enough to meet the demand.
      Plus the money-materials conversion needs a fix. At the moment you get s2000 for 1000 materials (which I think is okay), but for s2000 you only get 200 materials. Where’s the logic in that? Clearly they know that materials is probably the most important resource, and they don’t want us to get it too fast.

  17. Trevor says:

    Other problems with the game – I want to be able to put anything back in my inventory, I hate having to sell it and rebuild it. Just gets annoying when I want to rearrange my city to make the best out come but I have to sell all my houses just to go through and rebuild them all.. Annoying.

  18. J Clowna says:

    Ok, I had SCS on my original FB acct. but After I deleted a few friends I got Nothing but By the Llamas messages… It broke my game to un friend complete buttheads.. EA Needs to fix that right now. I had to create a Spoof FB acct. Just to play the game. SAD.

  19. soham says:

    more facilities will do like a fore said ….. im to agree with all ……… dock n airport will make it pretty cool

  20. Natalia says:

    I would like to see updates being made to the game on a regurla basis, at least weekly like sims social. It has been two weeks and nothing new has come into the game. i really dont care much about the theme at this point, i just want to see something new.

  21. Mari says:

    Please allow the Ramen shop to be available for sale even if the quest is over.

  22. Maurício says:

    I think that all decorations/attractions on our inventory may allowed to be sold out.

  23. Victor!!! says:

    The Fairytale Castle is epic ^O^

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